Can You Rebuild Your Gums Naturally?


When it comes to the health of your mouth, you cannot forget about your gums and focus only on your teeth only! Even if you don’t have cavities, that doesn’t mean you’re immune to gum disease. Since gum disease occurs silently and painlessly, here is how you can easily save your gums from decay in a natural and simple way.

You can restore your receding gums with ingredients you already have at home. You must know that these medicines do not replace a visit to the dentist. But they can help you stop the symptoms and prevent the recession from getting worse.


Use a salt water rinse

Salt water is an excellent, natural tool for rinsing the oral cavity. It has antibacterial benefits and can help soothe inflamed, sore gums. Rinsing with salt water can keep the bacteria that contribute to receding gums under control. 

Rinse your mouth with the saline solution for about a minute, making sure to draw the liquid through your teeth and swish it around thoroughly. Finally, spit out the salt water. You can repeat this several times a day for better results.

Drink green tea

Green tea may contain compounds that control bacteria in your mouth. It improves the health of your teeth and gums. You can try drinking two cups of green tea a day. 

You do not add anything to the tea, such as sugar or flavorings, which would jeopardize its healthiest effect.

Hydrogen peroxide

Rinsing with a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide can help treat sore, red, or swollen gums. Mix 1/4 cup of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide with 1/4 cup of water. 

Swish the mixture around your mouth for about 30 seconds and then spit it out and repeat up to several times a day.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a well-known and extremely beneficial plant that is mostly used for skin care. It contains numerous anti-inflammatory and restorative properties, so it will be excellent in the fight against inflammation and may help restore tissue. It has antibacterial properties and will prevent inflammation. 

You can use aloe vera gel to rinse your mouth and brush your teeth. After flossing and brushing, apply Aloe Vera and brush your gums and teeth once more. The treatment should last about 3-5 minutes.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C deficiency can result in gum disease, inflammation and swelling. A healthy diet that is rich in this vitamin will greatly help in protection and prevention.

Proper brushing

Gentle brushing prevents receding gums, but only if you use a toothbrush with soft or medium-textured bristles. You don’t want to contribute to the wear and tear of the gum tissue by brushing aggressively.

Regular examination at the dentist

By far the best way to ensure the health of your teeth and gums is to visit your dentist regularly. While some of the at-home remedies may alleviate some symptoms, they do not guarantee your oral health.

You need to have regular check-ups with your dentist, who has the right training and can spot dental problems before they become bigger. Regular dental checkups and dental cleanings can have a positive impact on your smile and your overall dental health. Call our office today to schedule your next dental checkup. 

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